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The Loan Group EGP offers participatory microfinance services, our offers extend to all country. Fast, efficient and safe. We serve loans between individuals with proven experience. For all your project credit requirements, real estate credit, financing, credit redemption, agricultural credit, loan between particular. Contact us now.


We support the financing of your projects such as: the construction of your houses, offices, farms, we finance your travel plans, your business, or a project for which, you need external funding.


We provide loans for individuals: personal loan for consumption, loan real estate, redemption of credit, redemption of debts to collect all your debts in a single credit, school loan for students, loan to finance the purchase of your automobile.


We invest in your big projects. This is reserved for companies seeking investors to finance their research projects, real estate projects, buyouts and all other business needs.

Personal loans

Personal loans from 5000 € to 1.000.000 €. And repay with only 2% interest.
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